Rewind glitch with 64kbit/s files

Even with the latest firmware I’m still encountering this glitch where the Clip loses it’s place in the audio file sometimes when I am rewinding.  I can be in the middle of a hour long podcast, rewind a bit to hear something I miss and bang, it has now paused and if I hit play again it starts from the beginning.

Initially I though this was a bug with the podcast folder, but I put some of these files (from different sources) in the audiobooks folder and the problem still happens.

Would be nice to know if SanDisk plans to address this problem.  I would hope they would since they seem to be putting in the effort to make the Clip and otherwise great audiobook/podcast device. 

Yes, you are completely alone, and it’s impossible for such a thing to happen.

Just kidding, of course!  I run into this quirk regularly with podcasts at 64KB/sec, on the e280v2.  How about that!  Same processor as the wee Clip, different platform.  When the place is lost, the player restarts at the beginning of the file, or if forwarding, at the next file.

This “skipping” was helped at first by inhibiting the “forward to next track” function, in the previous firmware (podcast / audiobook) .  Now, the feature is reenabled (timing change), allowing one to skip to the next podcast without navigating through the submenu.

Now, the wee problem remains with scanning through the low bitrate 64 KB podcasts (although I would consider 32 / 16 KB/s as being the true “low bitrate” formats for sure!).

If I play an Audible .aa file in Format 3, this is 64 KB/s.  Guess what?  They don’t glitch.  Well, not in the same way (rare, different issue).  64 KB/s is absolutely fantastic for speech and podcasts, as it’s “FM quality”, saving 50 per cent of the space used for a music file, at the least.  This savings is critical, as audiobooks can easily run 10 hours, and podcasts can run from minutes to several hours too.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info!

I would sure like to see a response from sansa on whether we should expect a fix for this or ir no fix is feasable. 

I’m experiencing the same problem on my Sansa Fuze.  It’s extremely annoying.  Any word on a possible fix?

We are working on this problem.  It may be fixed in the next update.