Rewind glitch with Podcasts

Podcasts have the same feature as the audiobooks, where you can’t accidently hit the RW or FF and skip back to the start of the track or to the next track. However I’ve experience many times (with podcasts from different sources) where the podcast has skipped right back to the start when I’ve been rewinding back a little to hear something I’ve missed. Strangely I haven’t experienced this with any of the audiobooks I’ve listened to. And yes, I’m using the latest firmware.

You’re not alone on that one!  I’ve experienced the restart glitch as well, on two separate machines, the Clip, and the e280v2.  The podcast files are 64KBPS, and otherwise, they play fine.

There must be something going on involving the file re-reading operation.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Bob  :wink: