Problem with Resume Feature on Overdrive Audiobook

I am trying to listen to an overdrive audio file that is 55:25 long.  I turned off the player at about 25 minutes and when I turned it back on, the clock was still at 25 minutes, but the file was playing from the beginning.  I skipped back to the beginning of the file and then fast-forwarded to the same place and began listening.  When I turned the player off again, it resumed properly when I turned it back on.

however, I got to 31 minutes and had to shut down again - and yet again when I turned it back on, the clock still reported it was at 31 minutes, but it was playing the beginning of the file again.  Furthermore, when I try to fastforward, when the player gets to about 20 minutes, when I take my finger off the FF button, the numbers jump a bit and then the player jumps forward to the next track.

I purchased this player because I need something to listen to audiobooks on, and I emailed Sandisk tech support and was told that the Clip does have a resume feature, and a player without a resume feature is useless to me.

Is there anything that can be done to fix this? 



I am having the same problems.  This is the answer I received from Sandisk:

“Sansa does not fully support audiobooks even if they are in MP3 or WMA format or from Audible. If an audiobook is very long, Sansa will consider it as a long song so Mid-Track Resume feature may not work. Audiobooks in WMA format does not support Mid-Track Resume.”

They didn’t say they are working on it or that the firmware will be changed to deal with it.

What they seem to be saying is that if you want to listen to audiobooks go somewhere else.

It is very frustrating to not be able to fast forward a book part.

Ah, well… Thanks for the information.

I will definately be returning this clip immediately and looking for something better suited to my needs.

We are working on a firmware fix for this.

Is there any timeline as to when that would be ready?  Is it meant to make the sansa clip audiobook friendly?

It will be within the next few weeks.  It will fix the resume and FF issues with long files

I had the same problem and returned my Clip within the return period from Office Depot.  In talking to Sandisk, I could get no definitive answer on when the problem would be fixed.

I really was disappointed because I loved the potential of the player.  I will continue to read this thread and if the problem is fixed, will buy again.  It is a shame that the old Sansa M240 plays and resumes long Netlibrary and Overdrive books flawlessly and this newer model does not.

Will the update also include a fix for the player’s failure to display the correct hour on long files?



I recently bought a Sanda M240 and have the same problem. I upgraded to the latest firmware - V 4.1.08A and it still seems to have the problem. The time shows a large number, but the track is playing from the beginning. Is there any plan to fix this issue?



im gonna stretch this interpretation to assume that you re gonna add bookmark feature… what everyone wants.  like other small daps.