Weird issue with Rhapsody and my Fuze.

I have a 4gb fuze v2, and had been using a 4gb card with no issue.   I have windows xp at home, and have rhapsody installed and havent had a problem at home.   I just bought a Vista laptop and had the fuze plugged in using media player again with no issue, I switch to an 8gb card and the comp at home sees it, the laptop sees it, media player on laptop sees it, havent checked media player or rhapsody at home yet but dont expect an issue.   Anyway, I went on line and installed rhapsody on my laptop first time, I plug in the Fuze to start setting up my playlists and load the card for the first time and it says its 4gb, HUH? 

  I close rhapsody and the laptop and media player both still sees 8gb of space on the card, I format the card and restart rhapsody and it still shows a 4gb card so I dont get it.   This isnt a rhapsody board, I know that and dont need reminding, thanks anyway, but could it be a rhapsody\vista issue and if so why manifest itself on the fuze and not something else, I got no error message when installing it.    Anyway I appreciate any thoughts you might have.

Have a look at the card by looking on the Fuze directly.

Settings > System Settings > Info.  See what the Fuze thinks about that 8GB card.

If you have the Fuze plugged in, open Windows Explorer to have a look at the µSD card, and see what its capacity is displayed as.  Be sure that the card is formatted as a FAT32 volume.

Also, you have Rhapsody installed on two computers.  You can check if the first installation (not the laptop) sees the card as 8GB.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks Bob,

  The fuze itself, independently says it is 8gb.   Good thought to see what home comp rhap says it is, I will let you know.

Ok, truly bizzare, Home comp again shows 8gb card, home rhapsody again shows it being 4gb.  How weird is that?