Computer installing 4GB Fuze as 8 GB; Memory space; Fuze won't turn on; Computer won't recognize

I searched and searched on the website and there seem to be answers for some of my problems but I can’t even get to a point where I can fix the problems.

Here’s what I’m looking at;

1.) I turn on the Fuze and it says “Not enough space for musicDB. Please free 90MB.”

2.) After that it shuts off (and yes, I have tried holding the power button off for 5-10 seconds until it shuts off and then restarting)

3.) For some reason my computer recognizes the player as an 8 GB Fuze instead of the 4GB Fuze that it really is (Device manager, My Computer, and Windows Media Player (WMP)are all this way)

4.) I had a 2GB memory card in my Fuze so I thought that might have something to do with it but after uninstalling the device via Device Manager and then re-installing without the memory card inside I got the same results.  Please note: I have a 2nd 4GB Fuze that works fine and syncs perfectly.

5.) Here’s the real kicker: I would like to try some of the solutions offered in the forum, however, When I open the Fuze via WMP it shows my 8 GB Fuze but it doesn’t show any music loaded on it and will not sync.  THis also happens when I access the Fuze via My computer.  It shows an ‘F’ drive and a ‘G’ drive but when I try to open either one it tells me there is nothing there, “please load disk”.

6.) Also, please don’t tell me to update my software on the Fuze because I get a whole new error when I try to do that – defintely based on the fact that my computer can not access the Fuze even though it knows it’s plugged in

All in all, my computer knows something is plugged in but it can’t access the files for some reason.  PLease help?

Your file system is likely corrupted.  Please connect in MSC mode (Set the hold switch to locked,  press and hold << (REW) and connect the USB cable.

Then find the device and right click it and format it.

Unplug the device.  Get to the settings menu>System Settings>Format>Yes.  This will optimize the Allocation unit for the device.

Now connect to the PC and transfer the content again. 

For those who note this post, sansafix mentions the hot ticket for formatting your Fuze: using the format command from Windows is good to “rescue” your device from a corrupted data base, but it’s best to optimize the memory via the Fuze’s built-in Format command afterwards.

Sansafix is the man!!

Happy Fuze-ing!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: