Error Message

Hello, I have just bought a new 8 GB Fuze a few days ago. I downloaded the updates and converter files.  It was working fine until last night when I wanted to listen to some music and it got stuck on a song, I tried to delete song but then it kinda shut itself off.  When I turn it back on, I get the following error message.

Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 90 MB.

How in the world does it think it has used up 8 GB with only a few picture resized in the converter for it? The only music of my own that I have with it, is on an external sd Minicard. so that isnt taking up any of the memory of the 8 GBs.  I have rated a few of those music tracks if that makes a difference.  When I plug it to the computer, it only finds the sd minicard. Please help!!!

Suddenly halting when loading a track is a sign of a corrupted file.  Check this out.

Bob  :wink:

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