Fuze Frozen! 'Not Enough Space For Music DB'?

So…my new 2GB Fuze was working great, syncing to my computer playing my Rhapsody files, eveerything was perfect.

Then…Disaster! I was using it and then took it off and must have left it on and maybe paused on a song?  The next morning I picked it up and hit the home button and teh screen popped up with a song paused during playback and the battery showing pretty much dead.  It wouldn’t respond to any of the controls so I turned it off and then back on.  It powers up and shows the message (in a red box!) “Not enogh room for music DB.  Please free 90 MB.”  and then powers down. 

I charged the battery up and it still won’t let me in to delete anything or do anyting else for that matter.  And now my computer isn’t recognizing it like it used to.  Instead of showing up as ‘Sansa Fuze’ it shows up as ‘Removable Disk K:’ and it shows no data on it.

Any ideas?


Thanks - but that fix didn’t do it, didn’t do anything in fact.

However, I found this thread referencing the recovery mode and it sounds like the exact same problem, consensus seemed to be faulty unit -  so I guess I will try the Sansa Customer Service out if nobody else has any better ideas.

Format the whole device and start fresh I would atleast try that before I send it way

I realize these devices are 10 years old, but my Sansa Fuze was working GREAT until I tried to add some more songs.  It took them but then won’t start up, saying Not enough space for Music DB, remove 90 MB.

did you figure this out?

my computer won’t recognize the player’s internal drive to delete any music.

Despite what the error msg. says, this more often than not means 1 or more of your files added has created a data corruption. To fix it you must format the player (which will erase all content) and re-load.


If you cannot connect the device to your computer for formatting, possibly you can format from the Settings menu on the player itself. But before adding all you music back again, I would check out the files you recently added to avoid this happening again.