Not enough space for music DB. Please clear up 90 MB and computer won't recognize my Fuze?

Just a while ago I was listening to my Sanza fuze, tried listening to a different song and it froze. So I shut it off but when I tried turning it on it came up with that message regarding the memory. ( a while ago my mp3 used to be almost full, so I got a SD card) but now it says there is absolutely NO  space on the internal memory. I can’t acess the files the files to delete anything. I tried re-plugging the mp3 into my computer (I’m using Windows 7) but now it comes up asking to format it. It didn’t do this just barely over half an hour ago! What’s going on? I can only acess the SD card but not the internal memory (when I try clicking it, it asks to format it)

I’ve read about formatting and I heard that it wipes out everything and it restores the mp3 player to it’s ‘original’ condition. Does that mean I’ll lose all my songs? I’m not a very technical person when it comes to this stuff. And I don’t want to lose my songs :frowning:

The best thing to do with any error message is Google it. You can try that with this one, and add Sansa “Knowledge base” and get their answer.

Yes, formatting means you will lose your songs. It’s always good to keep them in two places.

But first try this: forcing the MSC connection and letting Windows check the disk for bad files.

Turn the unit off. Slide the power switch down into Hold position (it will click and show an orange dot).

On the computer, plug the USB cord in and open Windows Explorer (Computer).

Hold the << side of the wheel down and connect the cord to the Fuze. That forces an MSC connection, the basic USB connection.

In Computer, you should see (Driveletter): Sansa Fuze and another drive pop up.

Right-click on the Sansa Fuze driveletter, Properties/ Tools/Error-checking and run that. If it asks you to save bad chains, or save anything else, say No.

That will fix bad files. But if that doesn’t work, yes you will have to Format. There’s some kind of junk in there that is making the Fuze crazy.

I got the same error a few days ago.  I’ve reformatted my 4GB Fuze about 3 times now, and my computer seems to think it’s a completely new “removable disk”.  Also, I’ve lost the ability to use playlists on the Fuze - even through I synce my music as playlists through Windows Media Player, the playlist folder is empty and the music just shows up in its individual album folders.  How did that happen, and is it fixable?

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MTP. That should let WMPlayer control it.

That worked…thanks, Black_Rectangle!  Out of curiosity, what’s the difference between MTP and MSC?

What’s the difference between MTP and MSC?

Well, yes, it’s always a good idea to Google first. But that search brings up a lot of varied info.

USB mode is how your computer sees your player.

In MSC mode, the Fuze looks like two ordinary disc drives: the Fuze internal memory and the card slot. This is what I use: I just drag-and-drop or copy and paste music onto it.

In MTP mode, the Fuze is a device controlled by Windows Media Player. You can sync, do playlists, etc. 

Other music software can do sync and playlists in MSC mode, but basically if you like WMP, use MTP.