Not Enough Space?

I have a 2BG Sansa Fuze and I bought a 2GB Sandisk card.  After adding new music to the card, I unplugged my MP3 waiting for the “refreshing” screen but instead it said

“Not enough space for Music DB.  Please free 90MB.”

I tried turning the player on and off, but after the Sansa welcome screen I get this message again and it shuts off.  I deleted the music that was on the card, but I cannot access the music that was already on the player.  When looking through the folders, it says that there is nothing there but the “disk remains full.”  I’m not sure what to do next.

Can anyone help?

Read the faq

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thanks I must have skipped over the solution… how do I re-format though? The property settings isn’t allowing me to format.

you will lose all your data in the device.

The FAQ previously linked to isn’t quite complete or totally accurate. See the REAL FAQ concerning the subject here. While your situation may require re-formatting, it also may not. :wink:

Indeed, connect in MSC mode, where you can run chkdsk  on both volumes, the µSD expansion card, and the internal memory. 

Manually establish an MSC connection by starting with the device OFF, then slide the power switch to the HOLD position, with the orange flag showing.  Connect while holding the center button.  The Sansa Fuze will connect in MSC mode.  Note that you can also hold the << button down during connection, with the same result.

Use the command chkdsk e: /f where the drive letter is the assigned letter of your Sansa.  This letter will vary depending upon your installed drives, so check this first.  The second drive letter assigned alphabetically to the Fuze is the expansion slot.  The /f command is a toggle telling the utility to fix the errors found if possible.

Note that you can remove the µSD / µSDHC card first, then restart the Fuze, before doing ANY of this.  If the corrupted files are on the card only, your Fuze will perform the Refresh Database operation without incident when the card is removed.  You’ll need to run chkdsk on the card next.

If you’re uncomfortable with using the old school command prompt, you can do this as a Mouseketeer and click your way to oneness with your Fuze using Windows’ Manage function, available via a right click, and “check volume for errors” under Tools…sometimes.  Windows is a moody little thing, isn’t it?

Also available is a right click under My Computer to Manage.  Selecting the Sansa, you can then check the volumes for errors.

In any case, in your clicking session, don’t try to defragment a flash memory based life form, as this messes with the cool and critical wear levelling algorithm used to maximize the life of your flash memory.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: