Fuze stopped working...

I bought a 8gb microSD card for my 4 gb Fuze, and after installing the card and attempting a sync via wmp11, each time i turn on the unit now, it displays the message… “Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 90 mb”. then the unit turns off.

I removed the card, deleted the the music on the Fuze, but still no luck. Also a reset as per the user manual was unsuccesful. 

What do I do?

Try to backup all the songs first and try to format the device and the card and try to resync the songs;



The format option for the Fuze via wmp11 is greyed out. Can i format it using My Computer?

Format using xp disk management fixed it.


Before reloading your music, format the player again using the player’s menu. This will help the player function more efficiently.

manolid Im glad your device work fine, formatting usually does the trick and there are possible ways on how to format the device. Thanks also for sharing the information that this works.:wink: