Sansa Fuze Not Recognized by Computer (Won't turn on as well)

Hi, my Fuze has been having problems lately. Firstly, it would not turn on. Eventually, I managed to connect it to the computer, where it said that it needed to formatted before use. When I went to the format screen, however, it said that the capacity was only 4.03 mb or something, when my actual Fuze is 4 gb. Now, when I connect it, the message “USB device not recognized” pops up. Is there any way to fix this?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

The internal memory may be failing, and it may be time to find a new player.

But if you have a microSD card in the slot, take it out and try connecting. If you do get a connection, it may help to format the internal memory (the driveletter that shows up as Sansa Fuze). 

Also, if you can turn it on, go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC. See if you get a normal connection that way.

Looks like a retired one to me. Is this still under warranty? This could also be a good excuse to buy a new one.