Fuze will not turn on or charge, and is not recognized by computer

I’ve been having this problem for quite a while now (several months)

I have an 8gb Fuze that seems to have completely failed on me. I had been using it just fine for several months prior to this problem occurring. While playing music a while ago, the Fuze suddenly froze. I did the soft reset (hold power switch for 10 seconds) and turned it off, but at that point attempting to turn it back on would make it show the Sansa startup animation and then just sit idle and never actually fully turn on. I put it away and decided to deal with it later at the time.

The next time I tried to use it a few days later, it would not turn on at all. It still doesn’t work after several months. It doesn’t charge when I plug it into anything, and when I plug it into the computer I get a message asking if I want to format it. When I look at the options for the format it says the device only has a 4mb capacity, so I don’t really want to try this

Does anyone have any ideas?

omg i feel you on this one, i have the same problem. ive tried just about everything, and it doesnt work. oh no i dont wan my thing to stop working for moths i m going to cry. How about we exchange emails and try to figure out other ways to solve this problem together? The worst part… my warranty is up! 

There’s a corrupt file in there that’s preventing the unit from fully loading. 

With the unit off, put it on Hold (power switch down, orange showing). Plug the USB cord into the computer. Press the << side of the wheel and connect the unit until it shows Connected. Open My Computer (XP) or Computer (Vista) and look for the Fuze as a disk drive, like F:\Sansa Fuze. Right-click on it, Properties, look for the Tools tab and go to Error-Checking. Have it automatically fix errors, and don’t save bad chains if it asks you to do that. 

You can also try manually reinstalling the firmware, as explained in the Firmware Update thread near the top of the page. Don’t install the Sansa Updater–follow the directions to do it manually. 

And you can also try formatting the unit–connect as above, right-click on the drive and Format… to FAT32.  But THAT WILL ERASE ALL YOUR MUSIC --including the corrupted file.