sansa fuze 4 gig

i bought one and bought a micro sd card 8 gig.  but when i hook up to my computer it says it is a external 4 gig.  i did not see anywhere in manual or info that says there was a limit on the sd card size.  Anyone help.


There is no limit. Are you sure the card is not a counterfeit?

Your Fuze is 4GB. Are you sure the memory (or available space) info you’re seeing is from the card and not the player itself?

the card was purchased from walmart and it is a SanDisk, my computer recognizes it as 8 gig but the fuze does not.  Nope the internal and external cards both say 4 gig when i look at Rhapsody.  any ideas, wondering if i should maybe try the restore to factory settings. i have put the card n and then plugged the fuze back into computer.  Still same thing.

Restoring factory settings just changes all the settings (like how long the backlight stays on) to defaults. It’s unlikely to make a difference. 

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC, then connect to your computer. How does the unit show up in  Windows Explorer  (Computer or My Computer)?