Volume was "High" but reverted to "Normal" by itself

Hello, I normally use my Clip with the Settings/Volume set to “High”. This morning I powered up and it was much quieter than normal. Adjusting the volume to max still was not loud enough. This reminded me of when I first bought the player and it was not loud enough with Settings/Volume on “Normal”, so I checked Settings/Volume and it was on “Normal”.

“Fair enough” I thought, maybe it did that automatically when the battery went flat yesterday. So I set it back on “High”.

But the volume stayed low. It now makes no difference to loudness when I switch between “High” to “Normal”.

It was not like this when I bought it.

Any ideas guys?

Try a soft reset.  If that fails to fix it, do the ‘restore to factory’ in settings.  If that fails, reapply the latest firmware.

Hopefully one of those will fix it.