Sound way too low


I bought a Clip+ and even when I put the volume at loudest level, the level is not loud enough.  This happens also while listening to preinstalled songs. 

In the manual it’s stated that a Volume (high/low) option should be available in the settings menu,  but it isn’t there. I upgraded firmware to the latest firmware. Interestingly, I had decent sound volume yesterday for a short period, after starting out with very low volume after first startup. No idea if that was before I upgraded firmware.

I’m not deaf at all, in fact I have very good hearing, so that’s not the problem. Also the earphones that came with the player have been plugged in correctly.

Any ideas?

Message Edited by Fietser on 03-21-2010 02:58 PM

Message Edited by Fietser on 03-21-2010 02:58 PM

What region did you choose, when installing the firmware?  If the EU, either reset back to the factory settings or reapply the firmware (see the sticky at the top of the forum), and set the region to the U.S. or Worldwide, which have a volume hi/lo setting, and then set that setting to hi.

Thank you. I just happened to get a bright idea and figured it out 1 minute before reading your reply. Thanks again for that fast help!

The volume for Europe really is way too low. Especially when listening to classical music, it’s hardly understandable. 

Thanks again!

By the way: great product! It also works fine under Linux. GREAT!

My region is set to Europe, and I still have the low/high volume setting available.

If you still have the Normal / High Volume option, set to “Europe”, you have an earlier firmware version.

Bob  :smiley:

@neutron_bob wrote:

If you still have the Normal / High Volume option, set to “Europe”, you have an earlier firmware version.


Bob  :smiley:

I see, thanks Bob.

Only had my Clip for a week or two, I love it, it’s a fabulous gadget.

You can upgrade to the latest firmware, which has some nice fixes/advances, by going to the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum and following the instructions there–very easy to do!

Yes, I might do, though I have no apparent reason to that I can think of. Although I do have an issue adding to the Golist (I started off another thread about this) and I’m wondering if a firmware upgrade offers a fix for it.

Well, I went ahead and upgraded the firmware anyway. I have to say, it’s the best ever firmware update method I have ever used, ever! I love this even more now. (I used the drag and drop into the root folder option).

It didn’t help with the Golist bug though unfortunately, you still have to play a song before you can add it, unless they are all in the same folder.

I kind-of had the same problem, as i use ReplayGain, and most of my Metal tracks are lowered by 5dB or so. So i just set the Pre-Amp on the Clip+ to +12.0dB, which only works if you turn on ReplayGain. Now i can’t pass half-way volume, i previously used to be in the 80% and above. Maybe you could use Foobar to add ReplayGain to all your tracks, then just set the Pre-Amp.