Volume Right Or not?


I just bought the clip+ 2gb today and did the firmware update but the volume seems low to me…to get a decent listening level i have to use custom and turn the eq all the way up…the presets like jazz and all the rest are too low…also I’ve noticed if i go to system settings there are two volume settings shown…Normal and high and there isn’t any difference btween the two…I have the language english and the region North America

Is all this normal?..like i said no danger of hurting my ear drums…and the presets are way too low


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set to English and north american

The Volume > Normal > High setting can be confusing, as the audible sound level will not change when switching between the two settings.

This is because the High setting actually “enables” several higher volume steps for the volume control.  Thus, once “High” is selected, you will find that there are more available steps to the volume adjustment.

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Yeah, i did have another problem:

since the last firmware update i wasn’t able to listen to audio books in my car because it was MUCH to quiet (yeah, with the same speakers which worked fine a few days before!). The problem is one of the “new features”. If you select Europe as a region the volume will be cut at a complete idiotic and much to low level, but if you change the initial setting (just “upgrade” the firmware once again) to North America all problems are gone - i am even able to select German as my favourite language :slight_smile:

(btw: it took me ages to find the error - which is the same on all players (tried so far: Clip+ and Fuze)

thanks a lot for this info.

I was a bit confused after updating, why the volume was to low.

I have just signed up to say thank you  Untermieter!

I was desperate… the sound was so low… at night, in the bedroom, ok…but in the street, you could hear people, cars, cats and dogs, etc…

So, I did reinstall the firmware and chose North America instead of Europe.

Perfect, it worked : my Sansa clip+ can play loud !

Thanks again, really !

I chose Europe, High setting and it is still very loud. You mean its even louder if NA chosen? **bleep**. I guess it is okay if i choose Rest of the World too, yes?