Volume button broken or normal?

Hello good people !

i got my new sansa clip+ 8GB FM today from amazon.de (yes, I’m from germany^^) and i think the player is not 100% correct.

This means when i press the volume high button, there is no “click-noise” like when i press the volume low button. It’s also much more difficult to get the player louder than to get the volume low.

Is that normal or is it just my player ?

I’m wondering if i send it back…

thanks for reading


Joe…I also have low volume here in North America…Check my post also if someone answers it on volume high enough

Try working the volume up and down, and see if it is simply new and tight, or if there may be a mechanical issue with the little volume button.  In the EU, the warranty is two years (pretty nice!) so if you have any issues with teh control, it can be replaced.

You could try another device and see if the control is more to your liking.  Perhaps the seller can exchange it for you.

Bob  :wink:

Yeah, i did have maybe a same problem:

since the last firmware update i wasn’t able to listen to audio books in my car because it was MUCH to quiet (yeah, with the same speakers which worked fine a few days before!). The problem is one of the “new features”. If you select Europe as a region the volume will be cut at a complete idiotic and much to low level, but if you change the initial setting (just “upgrade” the firmware once again) to North America all problems are gone - i am even able to select German as my favourite language :slight_smile:

(btw: it took me ages to find the error - which is the same on all players (tried so far: Clip+ and Fuze))


Boah, habe ich mich aufgeregt! Erst das Problem mit meinem Fuze gehabt (dachte schon der wär komplett im Eimer), dann meinen “Sporty-Player” alias Clip+ herausgeholt und gedacht: lange nicht mehr benutzt, machst Du erstmal ein Firmware-Upgrade… aber scheis*e, dann nervte mich der Player nur noch - ergo war gottseidank die Fehlerquelle gefunden… und nun (zumindest für mich) zufriedenstellend behoben.

Was lernen wir daraus: manchmal nervt die EU wie ■■■ - warum müssen die alles und jeden ■■■■■■■ regulieren???



Oh, i may add that i don’t have any clicking noises…

and that i don’t miss them  :wink: