Not loud

Hi. Is it just my player or stock headphones, or the player itself, it has low volume level. Is there something I’m not doing correct?? I just bought this few hours ago, and I’m not too happy with it so far. The volume is very low for my HOUSE conditions, and I bought this to take it to the gym with me; but with this volume strength, I won’t hear anything in my gym. It is much much much louder inside, than my home.

How do I get the volume higher?

Thanx guys.  

So, of course, you know how to adjust the volume via the volume buttons on the side of the player, right?  (Just checking.)

Then, under the player’s Settings, under the Volume option, be sure to check the High option.  If you don’t have that option (for example, it’s not available if your player has been set to the EU region–per EU regulations), you can Reset the player under its Settings, or manually re-apply the latest firmware on the player (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of this forum), and then set the region to U.S. or Rest of world when asked–this will allow the High option under the Volume setting.  

Thank You for the help. I’m pretty much sure there is nothing else I can do to make it louder. Thanks for the help. It did help, but not by a whole lot. THANK YOU

There’s got to be something amiss; the Clips (Plus & Zip) models put out EXTREME amounts of volume. Either your volume setting is not on HIGH, or you are not engaging the volume rocker switch on the side, or your volume is capped by having your REGION set to EU or Europe.

Otherwise, I’m sure this thing would be ROCKIN!