Vista 32 Computer/WMP 11 doesnt recognize Express

i just got this lil thing for christmas and when i tried to put some music on it/charge it,the computer doesnt recognize it at all.any advice?

Im in the same boat.  Some things you can try.  Try plugging into a different USB.  There is a MTP protocal something download from microsoft- it didnt help me maybe you.

Luckily I have windows xp machine connects just fine.  VISTA is crap, but Sansa knew there were compatibility issues, Should disclose this upfront at least the on website FAQ.  Very disappointing.

Personally, I don’t blame SanDisk for not disclosing Microsoft’s compatibility issues…  but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

On XP, make sure you meet the minimum requirements as stated on the package - Service Pack 1 and Windows Media Player 10 (Service Pack 2 and Windows Media Player 11 are even better.)  Vista is supposed to work out of the box with any modern MP3 player, but now there’re two hotfixes you may need; one affects all Plug and Play devices, the other affects all MTP devices:

IIRC, their respective issues will be fixed in Vista SP1.  The former issue (plug and play devices) hits me almost every time I plug a flash drive into a Vista machine, regardless of the make and model… personally I don’t think the update can come too soon.

ok thanks a lot.ill try these and report back once i remeber to  :slight_smile: