Sansa Express not recognized by XP

Hi there,
My new Sansa Express is not recognized correctly by my Computer(XP SP2). As soon as
I want to enter the drive, they ask me to put in a CD. Is it possible that the reason
is my obsolete Windows Media Player9 ? On the other hand, I could not understand what
a mass storage device has to deal with a media player.

Sounds like you may be trying to access the card slot.  Since it’s connecting in MSC mode, it should show up twice.  I would check Disk Management and see if it shows up there.  If so, change the drive letter and see what happens…

Or you could update to WMP10 or WMP11 so it can install as an MTP device.

Thank you Captain,
I think I update my Windows Media Player.

You’ll definitely want to upgrade your Windows Media Player to at least version 10…

So I am assuming that if I understood what you were telling me to do I could fix this problem…I have a laptop and desktop configured exactly the same.  I WANT the sansa to use my Desktop but i too get the insert disk msg.  I have upgraded to WMP11 …I didn’t understand " would check Disk Management and see if it shows up there"  Can anyone help please.  I do like the device, but…:wink: