Sansa Express issues... please help

I just bought this sansa for my wife and I can’t get it to install for the life of me. When I hook it up to the usb, windows sees it as “sansa express” and “MTP” device. Then windows asks to search for drivers for the device. I let windows search for it on it own, and when it begins to install it gives me a error message saying “a service installation section in this INF is invalid.”  I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled it and attempted to locate any drivers on the disk, and have failed. I don’t see any driver downloads available on the webiste under support either. Am I doing something wrong? The sansa does not list as anything in the “my computer” window. It shows in the device manager under “portable devices” but with the yellow ! icon saying that the drivers were not installed. WMP11 doesn’t see the sansa, and the Audible manager does the same. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

hmm, i read on the 200 forum that someboody had the sam eissue… they could only fix it when they reinstalled windows xp.

soimethin baout the windows xp mtp drivers being corrupt

Hey,  check out my other post,  it should help you!  :slight_smile: