Sansa Express will not turn on and my computer is not able to install device software

My Sansa Express is completely dead and I haven’t used it on a while, I just got a new laptop which has Windows Vista and I plugged into the USB port. After I plugged it in it said “Installing device software” a few seconds later it said “device driver software was not successfully installed; Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed.” When I had my old computer it would just plug in and show my list of songs. I really want to figure out how to get this working. Please help.

when ever i switch on my sansa express,i only see sandisk on the screen then it goes off.i dont see anything on the screen aftermath .

wen i plug my sansa express into the usb port,its like not responding. but when i remove it from the usb and switch it,i only see sandisk then nothing comes on the screen.iis there any software for my me

Hi, I have Sansa Express and its been few months that i havent used it and now when i try to switch it on it is not. And when i plug it in the Windows Vista machine it is not getting installed. Please do help me out on this. thanks in advance.