My Computer Does Not Recogize Sansa Express


Please forgive me if this question was already answered.  If so, please kindly direct me to the link.

I run Windows XP SP3.

When I plug my Sansa Express to my USB port, my computer does not even recognize it.

I had my daughter plug it in to her laptop which runs Windows XP SP2 and it also does not recognize it.

Nothing happens, no window or anything pops up.

I went into DEVICE MANAGER and it is not even there.

I hope I do not have to throw this away.

Thank you so much in advance for anyone who was kind enough to answer this post


Hi, i have the same problem to…I have 3 sansa express 2GB and 1 of them are not recognize by my computer, and my office computer to? The other 2 are o.k.

Do you think it’s possible because the battery are to low?

I have the same problem with the express and my m250 Help