Not Detecting In My Computer

My Sansa Express can’t be detected in My Computer. It can transfer files through Window Media though. It can be detected on another computer which actually detects the Sansa in the My Computer. Both computers are running on the same OS, which is WindowsXP.

I’m having the same problem.  My son and I each received a Sansa Express as Christmas gifts.  Both were bought from the same store, presumably from the same batch.


Mine works fine on my PC and the radio functions perfectly.  My PC detects both devices as expected.


My son’s PC won’t recognise either device (though Windows Media Player will) so he can’t use his as a flash memory device with his PC.  Both PCs are running XP Home SP2.  The radio function on my son’s device is unavailable.  According to Sansa Updater software, both devices have the latest (1.01.12) firmware.


The My Computer/Windows Explorer problem must be a PC software issue.  The radio problem is strange.


Any advice please?

Check out the answer here:

Purchased Sansa Express 01/08 and has worked good with great sound (good but inexpensive headphones, and/external use by stereo computer speakers not requiring ac/dc power). 

12/30/08 went to use Sansa Express and computer wouldn’t recognize as many others on forum.  After searching the net for answers, finally was able to fix and wanted to pass the info on. 

Sansa Express had Firmware 01.00.15A2 (located info via Settings) and needed to be updated.  Video provided by administration wasn’t helpful but did find site that was.  Follow these simple steps I’ve outlined below:

1/Right Click MY COMPUTER    2/Left Click MANAGE   3/ Left Click  DEVICE MANAGER   4/ Insert  SANSA EXPRESS   5/ Left Click PORTABLE DEVICES   6/  Right Click UPDATE DRIVER   7/ Follow Instructions on HARDWARE UPDATE WIZARD when it appears.  As soon as the driver begins to update, the Sansa Express is immediately recognized and back working perfectly again. 

Hope this info helps.

You need to have ,at least,mediaplayer 10 installed for your comp to see the player …