Computer does not recognize Sansa express

I have used the Sansa Express with no problem, now all of the sudden when I plug it into the computer, the computer doesn’t recognize it.  It does not come up under My Computer, it does not show up under  Disk Management…Nothing.  The player itself turns on fine, charges, everything…I just cannot put any music on it (as I reset it trying to fix the problem…and now have NO music on it.).

I am using Windows XP, can someone please help…???

Maybe your cable has failed? It could still charge, but if one of the pins that makes the data connection has bent, or wires inside the cable has broken, it won’t connect.

I dont use a cable, it is a USB MP3 player.

Does a USB have pins in it?

@missy7321 wrote:

I dont use a cable, it is a USB MP3 player.

How do you connect to your computer to charge or add/delete files?

The MP3 has a built in USB.  So I just plug the player directly into the port.

I have this problem also. I have 2 Sansa Express players and neither of them work on my XP machine. They both work fine on my Vista machine. I was given an Ipod and loaded Itunes and I’ve wondered if that caused the problem. For now I can use my XP computer to charge them, but I have to use my Vista computer to change anything stored on the internal memory.