Please help me

 My device is not working. I have purchased thissansa express series MP3 player few days ago. When I am switching on the power button only the sansa disk display is coming for few moment and then the display is disappearing. My computer is also unable to detect the device…please help me to resolve this problem…

Try turning off the hold switch.

I have tried that (switching on the hold button) and then one lock sign appears for a moment . then i connected the device in my computer and then an error massege " one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it" is showing. Still the device is not working.

Please help me if you have any further suggestion.


Try leaving it in the USB port for a while and see if that will help.

I have tried that but still It didn’t work…

what os system do you have and what window media player?  I think the min requirement is windows xp with wmp10 or later…please check and updates.

You might want to give this a shot:

Mine is not working either. Tried everything and nothing worked. Customer support is not answering my emails either…