My sansa is not recognised on PCs

My sanas express 1GB mp3 would not come on at all for about 5mths now.The sansa screen would come and it would go off. PCs recognised it as two drives which were blank and inaccessible.Yesterday 14-10-2008 I followed a similar complaint’s response and it came on. Now it is not recognised by PCs but everything else is working. Please help out

#1  Connect the player to Your USB port-Restart the computer-When it turns back on it should recognize the Express.

(If #1 fails see #2)

#2  Try different USB port ( if possible ) & repeat #1

#3  connect player-go to Start -right click Computer -select Properties -select Hardware -select Device Manager -select Disk Drives or Windows Portable Devices

You should see the player under one of the two; under Disk Drives it will show up as Sansa Express USB Device. If under Windows Portable Devices it will show up as Sansa Express.

If You don’t have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 it will show up under Disk Drives as Disk Drive or Generic Drive.

Note * Make sure the USB port is Enabled! If not(rare) go to the device Mngr. and enable the Serial Bus Controller on Your Computer.

I hope this helps.