Videos on Fuze

In order to get any video on your Fuze, you will first need the orginal SMC version 1.00B004.236CDG From the E200 series, it is compatable with Fuze, but uninstall the newer version first.!!!

Next you need to get your videos converted to MPEG4, AVI,3GP. Divx has a converter that works for this. If you use the new version of SMC it will not convert videos longer than 20mb, such as digital copies. Load them onto your Fuze internal or External memory. The file conversion time is about 30-40 min for a full length movie. Time for music Videos is about 2-3 min. Files sizes are 1/3 the original size, so make sure you have enough Memory, The Dark Knight on my Fuze takes 667mb of room, there is a slight lag in audio to video, but on a 2 " screen, I have yet to watch the full length. Also I can run ACC files and podcasts on my fuze, I run itunes to download my podcasts, then open Windows Media Player, Refresh, and the podcasts are in my Library, connect my sansa and sync the podcasts…

A useless question, but what kinds of videos do you guys have on your fuze if any. I have 300, along with Music vids, family guy, and comedian shows.

Right now I have 2 videos I created in Adobe Flash for a website I am building, I like to use the fuze to show clients. I have in the past had 3 Jeff Dunham, and Mitch Hedburgs Comedy Central specials, I have had Family Guys and all kinds of other stuff.