version sandisk security

i bought sandisk extreme e61 portable hard drive. But I forgot the password on the Sandisk security app, so now I can’t log in on another device. How can I do a factory reset, I don’t need to save any data on the SSD, just be able to restore and login on other computers.
Help me

Hi @leekoi,

Please be informed that if you forget the password then SanDisk does not have any method to bypass the password security feature on Secure Access software.

SanDisk has not built in any back door or password reset methods.

If the password feature is enabled and you forget the password there is no back door entry to unlock the drive. You can format the drive, which will perform a secure erase (drive wipe) and data recovery will NOT be possible. Moreover, if you want to use Secure Access again then you need to first format your flash drive after taking back up of all your data which is in your flash drive.

Please refer to below link to download Secure Access software:
Link: SanDisk SecureAccess 3.02 support information and download page