My fuze was a mess so I decided to format it.

I went to Settings but there was nothing in System Settings that said Format so I formatted it on the computer. Following that I tried to transfer files from Overdrive (as I have been doing for years.) I got the following message

A problem has occurred in obtaining the device’s certificate. OXCOOD2772

After checking the player I see that parts of the file were actually transferred and are now in Window Media Player’s library. What did I do? 

I would like to download from the Overdrive Console. What did I lose when I formatted?

Did I lose firmware updates? Should I download updates again?

Please help.

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You didn’t lose firmware updates. What you probably lost was the hidden super-secret encrypted digital-rights-management information that the Overdrive console sends over with the books.

You may have to reauthorize the unit on Overdrive or do something similar. There are probably support directions at Overdrive’s own site. 

Also, make sure you have the unit set to MTP under Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. (And by the way, Format is just past that–scroll down with the wheel.)

Although I couldn’t transfer from Overdrive I found those books in Windows Media Player 11 library and transferred them from there. I don’t know how that happened but it’s an extra step because then I have to drag and drop them into the Audiobooks folder in order to be able to use the bookmarking there. It would be ideal to use Overdrive again.

What’s going on?

WMP sends the digital-rights information too. I’m guessing that Overdrive is just a different interface for the same computer process: send file and DRM information via MTP.

Have you checked the Overdrive site, or wherever you’re getting the books from? I’d think there would be a FAQ on how to fix this problem. 

Thanks for replying so promptly. And you were right!

I went to Overdrive Help and was download the security upgrade. I guess that’s what was lost when I formatted.

It’s easier to transfer audio books from the Overdrive console because they can go directly to the Audiobooks folder.

If you’re still reading could you post the link to the Overdrive security upgrade? (The script to post a link is the little chain icon,  two spots to the right of the smiley right up above ^^^^). It might help other people. Also, if you could go back and Edit (under Options)  the Subject of your first post to say something like Using Overdrive after Formatting…it’ll help people find this thread who need it.

Thanks, glad it worked for you. 

Sorry but I don’t see the smiley, Also under thread options I don’t see anything that would enable me to change the subject of my first posting.

If you click Options near the upper right of your first message, you can Edit Message, including the subject. You should also see Font Family/Font Size/A/B/I/U/ABC/C/W/Smiley/–and the chain icon, right above the white space where you’re writing. At least, I do. 

Then you can put in the Overdrive Security link.

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