m250 and overdrive media console problem

I have a m250 version 2.1.0a. I have other sanza players and have never had a problem with transferring audio books with overdrive media console. I formatted my player to see if it would correct the problem then reinstalled the firmware and I can transfer mp3 audio but not wma. I am going nuts! Hope someone can help. I have tried on my widows xp pc and my windows 7 pc.**  **

Since Overdrive is used for transferring ‘borrowed’ audio books from your library, those .wma files are DRM-encrypted with time-sensitive encoding. You’re using MTP mode, right?

Yes I am in MTP mode. When it is plugged into the usb it shows MTP mode. Thanks for asking. Any other ideas?:cry: I’m going to return it tomorrow if I can’t get it working.

I’ve been reading all the info on this forum and it says if I have version 2xxx then the latest version is 2.2.5. I have 2.1.0a. When I check for updates it says there aren’t any. How can I get the 2.2.5 version?

thanks in advance.

I have one more question…when I go to the page for m200 support and select the download  update link, it takes me to the c200 download page. Is the firmware for the c200 and m200 the same? I’m wondering if I might be able to find the 2.2.5 update there sinceI can’t get it from the updater on my desktop.

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