Using My Flash Drive

I just purchased a SanDisk Crusier 16GB Flash Drive and I’m a bit confused. I bought the drive to simply backup some of the important files that are on my computer hard disk. I really don’t need a vault in which to keep those files so I see no need for SanDisk Secure Access which is only 2 GB.

How can I simply use my flash drive as an external hard drive and use the whole 16 GB?

I am not too bright so I need the “take me by the hand and walk me through it” approach. SanDisk seems to assume that one has some prior knowledge of flash drives. Unfortunately I do not.

I thank anyone and everyone who can enlighten me about flash drives.


you dont need those files so you can just delete them if you dont want them. deleting a file from the drive is just like deleting any file from the computer. them just copy your files to the flash drive. 

Thanks drlucky for your help.  I did manage to finally figure out that the flash drive is like any other drive.

Thanks again.

or you can just ignore the secure space for now. 14GBish space is big enough im assuming in backing up some files. You might need those in the future. :slight_smile: Never hurts to be prepared. hhehe.