SanDisk Ultra 3.0 32GB

Hi.I just bought a SanDisk Ultra 3.0 32GB flash drive.I installed SandDisk SecureAccess V2.0 and when I want to copy a 16gb sized movie it say that “It is not possible to encrypt the selected file.This may be due to a restriction of the USB flash drive file system or the drive is full”,also my drive is empty ,I haven’t copied any files yet …what should I do ? 

what should I do ?  

  1. Do not encrypt the movie.  I mean really, why would you??

  2. Store it outside the SecureAccess vault.

  3. To store files larger than 4 GB you will have to format the drive to either exFAt or NTFS.

I can’t think of any reason but why would anyone want to encrypt a movie file?

I am having the same problem. Here is a reason…I am a counselor in training and tapes are required. We tape outside of the university and must encrypt the videos to protect the client per HIPPA and ACA code of ethics. If that flashdrive would fall out of someone’s pocket and anyone could view the client’s data that would violate contracts from the paperwork written to protect the client’s and that is grounds for a lawsuite.Additionally, there are companies who have training videos and certain things that by policy must be accessible to only those approved to view the videos. 

Interesting points.  Thanks for posting them.

To that end I suggest using something other than SecureAccess to safe guard your movies.  I just don’t think it was built to handle such files.