SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 GB

Hi.I just bought a SanDisk Ultra 3.0 128GB flash drive.I installed SandDisk SecureAccess and when I want to copy a 82gb sized backup file,   it say that " It is not possible to encrypt the selected file.This may be due to a restriction of the USB flash drive file system or the drive is full",also my drive is empty ,I haven’t copied any files yet …Help? 

Don’t encrypt the backup.  SecureAccess wasn’t designed for files like that. 

Thanks for confirming. But what are the back up mechanism of files at SecureAccess by the way?


Secure access software uses the AES 128 encryption algorithm to encrypt any single bit of data in the file. Because of that all the encrypted files cannot be recovered with a data recovery software so its always recommended to have a backup from your files in another safe place.

the secure access backup can be created from the options and then backup.

Hello there!

Could you please tell me in what file system format did the usb shipped to you?


extreme pro 128GB is shipped in exFAT.