SanDisk Ultra® Backup 32GB with AES Hardware encryption (New Non U3 Version)

Hi everyone.

I recently bought a new  SanDisk Ultra® Backup 32GB (non U3 Version) to replaced my old SanDisk Ultra® Backup 32GB (U3 version). The old flash drive used the U3 password feature to enable the AES Hardware Encryption and secure my entire drive. The new flash drive (non U3 Version) does not have or support U3 - but says it supports the AES Hardware Encryption.

How do you turn this feature on?  

I do not need the backup feature, and have no interest in using the backup program as I only use it for the “on the fly” encryption to secure my files.

I read on the Sandisk website that I can use SecureAccess to protect my files, but is this only a software algorithm encryption?

Accoring to the SecureAccess I have to remove it from the drive before I can edit it. This is not ideal as it would mean I have to copy the file off the flash drive and onto an un-encrypted location in order to edit it.

Any help would be appreciated. The old flash drive was perfect in terms of securing sensitive files!

The encryption message refers to the software encryption. This is both for the backup software and secureaccess.