SecureAcces VS U3


I own two Sandisk USB drives. One of them I have the U3 and the other I have the SecureAccess. I understand that U3 is more secure because it locks the entire drive preventing unauthorized access to the drive itself, while SecureAccess just prevents access the files.

I am having trouble choosing between the two as in which is better? I have heard a lot of complaints regarding how U3 requires admin access, which is a pain for those that are using it on public computers such as in a library.

Can someone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of SecureAccess and U3? Is SecureAccess more convenient in terms of compatibility? Also, does the SecureAccess require admin password to unlock?


It’s my understanding that U3 devices have been discontinued by SanDisk for approx. 3 years now, so if you’re considering purchasing another drive that would narrow your choices down considerably.