128GB Extreme Pro - Synchronising files


I have a new 128GB Extreme Pro with the included SecureAccess v2 software.

I use my USB to carry files from one machine to another (one iMac, one Windows) but I cannot see any way to synchronise folders using ChronoSync (iMac) or SyncToy (Windows). I’m thinking of ditching the SecureAccess software in favour of TrueCrypt - but I cannot recall if TrueCrypt gives me a volume that looks like a device (mounted in OS X, drive letter in Windows).

Does anybody have thoughs on this? It seems that the only way I can access vaulted files using SecureAccess is throught the SecureAccess GUI - drag-and-drop, open file, etc.


I believe there is a Mac version of SecureAccess however whether it is compatible with the Windows’ version’s vault I don’t know.  Or if the two can coexist on the same drive.  If you find out let us know.

I’m trying exFAT with Truecrypt - there’s an excellent “how-to” at http://www.rowanwatson.com/truecrypt-with-windows-7-and-os-x-lion-or-snow-leopard-with-large-file-support/


Currently, it looks promising. I've formatted the Extreme Pro with exFAT, encrypted the drive using TrueCrtpt, formatted the encrypted volume using exFAT and I'm now copying files across to the ecnrypted volume.


All well so far....


From my trials with both Windows and Mac versions of SecureAccess, it simply seems to create a vault that isn't assigned a drive letter (Windows) or volume name (Mac) - so that makes it difficult for synchronisation to point to - there's no volume of directory fo sync software to use as a source or destination for the sync to function.



If you have encrypted the drive with TruCrypt there’s no need to use SecureAccess.  You will then have a drive letter and your performance will be faster.