SecureAccess and backup software

Hello, i was using an older sandisk usb flashdrive. I used U3 security on this flashdrive. To backup my data on my laptop i used GoodSync. I plugged in the flashdrive and in GoodSync i synced data to this drive.

Now i have a new Cruzer Extreme flasdrive which is shipped with SecureAccess software. With this software i can’t continue using GoodSync so now i have to or copy my whole data directory each time to the stick of remember which files i changed and transfer them to the vault.

I am a bit disappointed about this. Does anyone know a solution? The GoodSync way was good because it keeps track about what files were changed so instead of copying the whole directory it only copied the changed files to the usb flashdrive but with SecureAccess this seems not possible anymore.



Unfortunatelly its true and you cant use a sync software to sync your files that are stored into the vault. you need everytime to encrypt or decrypt the files in order to have them updated into the vault.

I think this feature is already suggested but there’s no updated on it yet. We could only hope for now I guess.