Syncronize Files in SecureAccess folder with my PC

I was using an older Cruzer with the U3 software package that locked the thumbdrive. It also allowed me to house my Windows Briefcase folder on the drive and lock it up. Alas, that Cruzer is no longer supported and I’ve purchased the Sandisk SDCZ36-004G-A11 (with red slider) and it uses SecureAccess to lock down files kept within.

Problem is: I need to be able to sync the files on the USB drive with my PC. When I move the Windows Briefcase into the SecureAccess vault, it ‘strips’ the Briefcase of its syncronization functions.

Is there some way around this?

Is there some otherway of syncronizing these files with my PC?

I enjoy the simplicity of the SecureAccess vault, but cannot figure out how to sync with simplicity…perhaps cannot see the forest for the trees…:wink:

I’ve got the identical isssue.  Did anyone come back to you with a solution?  I miss U3!