Can I use SecureAccess on a network?

I have just bought a 128GB Cruzer Glide. The plan was to connect it directly to my router to use for backups and as a shared drive. I had hoped to use SecureAccess for the backups, but that does not appear to be possible. I have tried three things:

  1. Plugging the drive into the router and running the software. It tells me the software must be run from the drive (which is what I was doing).

  2. Downloading the software from the SanDisk site and runnning it on my laptop. This tells me I don’t have a drive connected.

  3. Plugging the drive into my laptop, installing the software, then moving the drive. But there is no configuration to tell the software where the drive now is (and it doesn’t detect it).

Have I missed something, or is it just not possible?

The app will only work if it is run directly from the SanDisk flash drive.  Now whether the flash drive must be plugged directly into the pc I am less sure about but your experience seems to indicate it does.

SecureAccess is a nice app but it adds overhead when reading or writing a file. On a file by file basis you probably won’t feel it but on a backup of a drive it will take forever.  I recommend you do your backups to the drive outside the vault.


Thanks for confirming this though. By the way, are there also any plans in the future for this to be possible? Like running secure access over the network? I don’t believe this is a feature yet on your competitors and for sure, it will give you guys a step ahead.