storage problem

I recently bought 8gb sandisk usb flash drive. I stored variety of files under sandisk encryption. Files include a video clip of 4gb in size. I played back first time that was ok (~40 mins long). I played the second time, the clip was shown for 3 mins. I played the video clip third time, it was shown for 2 mins. And i played it the 4 time, it was shown for 28 second. I wonder where is the remaining clip. Is it something wrong with the usb flash memory ? Is my file corrupted or destroyed ? Is it recoverable and save into different flash memory, not sandisk? Please help.
Another fact is that the size of the video clip still shows 4gb when i select “detail” in the folder.

Seriously, play back? Not transfer?

Actually an operation like long time reading/writing may probably shorten the life of the USB flash drive.

If it is not necessary, please don’t do that.

But for your situation, have you ever tried to re-format your flash drive on your computer? (No quick format, but the slow one.)

Play back mean click on the file then the video shows. I have not formatted the flash drive since bought it. So is my video file recoverable ? Thx

Try copying the file from SecureAccess to your hard drive and see if it plays ok on your hard drive.  If not I think it is gone. Hopefully you have a backup somewhere.

I’m not sure SecureAccess was designed for large files like your video.  Nor am I sure every file needs to be encrypted, most I think would work just as easily being stored outside the SecureAccess Vault.

As for wearing out a USB drive I think frequent formating, especially the non-quick type will do that quicker than reading and writing large files.  IMO