SanDisk 32GB Secure Access 2.0 Problem

Whenever i save files to my flash drive on 1 computer they are not there when using another, backing up and restoring isnt working either! any pls help


Im not sure where the issue is. Are you using the Secure Access software with the drive or is the issue only with the usb drive itself?

then we can see where the cause of the issue is in order to resolve it.

The problem lies when i use the vault exe file, i have added the files multiple ways but whenever i switch to a new computer, the files arent there, ive even tried backing up on cpu1 and restoring on cpu2 but even that doesnt work, hope this helps, and thanks for replying


Just to make sure that you are using the secure access software correctly. You have to start the Secure Access win.exe software and create a new vault with a password. After that in the new windows that will appear you store the files inside and so they are encrypted.

Maybe it would be helpfull to tell if you receive any error message and how exactly you store the files into the vault.

Yes, i have done all that, i have a password and i get into the program,there is no error message, just when i log into it on a different computer it will have the folders but not my files, does it make a difference what type they are? The files are .vmf and .bsp among others

So is it because of the abnormal file type(.vmf and .bsp to name a few


normally the secure access vault will store any file inside if its compatible with the host computer. That is a very strange case and i will try to look into it when i have some time to find a solution.

Thank you