Sandisk secure access corrupted/locked all files

I have a sandisk extreme pro 128GB usb stick with secure access version 3.02 (the latest) and while i was copying some files in the background i got a notification saying that a file (one that i wasn’t copying) was no longer available. I closed the message and waited for the copying to finish and when i went to open a file. It showed a message saying “this file is corrupted or is owned by a different user” or something along those lines. I tried other files and they all gave tge same message with the option to delete the file or leave it at the bottom.

I deleted all the files in secure access so that it was blank and copied everything (40GB+) back onto the drive. 4 hours later and the copying finishes again, i go to open a file and i get the same message. I open multiple files from multiple folder but it’s all the same.

Then i decide to try and use the repair index feature but that did nothing. The key thing to note is that A. All the file sizes were the same as on my computer so I don’t think they were corrupted and it had the same amount of files too.

I’m the only user of the drive so there’s only one vault on it yet it gave me a message saying that the files were either corrupted or were in a different vault/belonged to a different user and that i could delete the files or leave them.

I’ve now reformatted the drive and reinstalled secure access. I copied a few images and they opened fine so I’m hoping that it won’t happen again.

Anyone have any idea what went wrong, or how i could fix it if it happens again?

I recommend running a security scan, or two, on your system.  You may have malware.

I run small security scans daily and recently did a full scan of my computer (over 5 million files) so I’m pretty sure i don’t have any malware

Well that eliminates the malware thought.  The only other thing that could have impacted the drive IMO is it was removed without using the Safe to Remove option and the directory wasn’t completely updated on the drive.  Windows stores a  lot of stuff in RAM to improve performance.

Thing about that is that it happened while the drive was plugged in. Anyway afyer reformatting it and reinstalling secure access it’s working again but I’ll leave the thread open since it’s still a mystery as to what actually happened