SanDisk Secure Access V3 - File Missing!

Can someone help me?

I’m having trouble finding my files. I encrypted it using Sandisk Secure Access V3 but one day I accidentally move the Sandisk secure access application to another folder and when I restore it in its original place/folder, the .exe file is not working so I reinstalled it but after that, my files were gone. I already used data recovery files but I’m having some error while running the .exe file. Can someone help me, please? thank you :slight_smile:

help :frowning:

I would normally recommend running a CHKDSK command on the drive but with th writes you have done to it with the reinstall and data recovery apps I don’t think it will solve your problem.

Format the drive, reinstall SecureAccess and restore your files from their backups.

oh. too bad. i made a mistake. i will try this one. thanks mate :slight_smile: