Not possible to encrypt the selected file

I want to put a MP4 file (21 GB) in my Vault from my flash drive (32GB) but get the next message:
It is not possible to encrypt the selected file. This may be due to a restriction of the USB flash drive system or the drive is full.

Can you save the file outside the vault? If not then the problem is either there is not enough free space on the flash drive or the flash drive is formatted as FAT32 which doesn’t support files larger than 4GB.

I cannot save the file outside the vault.
I don’t know how or if the flash drive is formattedI jI just followed the steps in the sandisk access guide

At 32GB it is possible the drive is formatted as FAT32 and that means the largest file you can save is 4GB.

I think Windows 10 has an option for converting a FAT32 drive to exFAT without deleting everything on the drive but I don’t know the steps so you will have to Google it.

If there is no convert option you will need to format the drive to exFAT, which will delete everything on the drive. Then you will be able to store your file on the drive, but not in a vault. if you want to save it in the vault you will need to download the SecureAccess apt from SanDisk and store it on the flash drive.