File too large..

Hello, so I posted this in one of the oldest posts, but I got no reply.

I’m currently using a flash drive Sandisk cruser glide 32GB.
And upon trying it for the first time, I have an error msg that pops out when ever I try to upload a file that’s above 10GB to my Drive, who still have way more than the required space, but says that the file is too large for the destination.
I searched on the internet and to convert file system, was actually the only way to fix it, means data loss, right ? are they any other solutions ?

Yes, if you want to store files larger than 10GB you have to format the drive to exFAT and formating does delete all the files on the drive.  If the files are important make backup copies of them, format the drive, then restore the backups.  If the files you are concerned about are in the SecureAccess system remove them from the SecureAccess vault to back them up.  And if you want to use SecureVault after formating the drive reinstall it.

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