Sandisk Secure Access Vault

Is there a llimit in size to the SanDisk Secure Access Vault on my SanDisk Estreme USB3.0 32GB flash Drive?

It appears that I can place large amounts of GB on to this drive, but only 3.06GB into the Access Vault before I get an error message. The error message is: " Cannot open file for write I:\SandiskSecureAccess Vault{0b829241-21e6-4c59-879a-ef8c414cacb}.dat Error: The directory of file cannot be created.

If I delete file and folder inside the Vault I can move more items into the Vault up to 3.06 GB. As soon as I get to this limit I keep getting the above error message.

If there is a limit for the Vault, can it be cahnged and how?

If it can not be changed then this drive would be useless to me.


yes there is a limit but not in the software but in windows. if the drive is in the FAT32 format along with the long filenames of the secure access you can reach at some point the FAT limitation. the solution is to make a backup of your files and format the drive on ExFat.

after that you can store more files into the vault.

But if you reformat the drive, don’t use erase all the secure access .exe data?


thats why it is always recommend to do a backup of the files so you will not lose the data if you format the drive and erase the data that is stored inside. 

so copy the vault and the exe file and then format the drive in exfat.