Does SanDisk make a less complicated flash drive?

All I want is to move a few files,out,of my computer. I just want to copy them and edit when needed. I don’t need the vault or secure access. Is there anything like that around?

There is no requirement to use SecureAccess when you use your flash drive.  Opening Windows Explorer and dragging and dropping files from hard drive to USB drive and visa versa works just find.

If you have no use/need/desire to use SecureAccess delete it’s 2 files and 3 folders from the flash drive.

07/19/2011  10:24 AM           110,592 RunClubSanDisk.exe
06/29/2011  10:56 AM        27,311,232 RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win.exe
08/24/2011  07:44 PM    <DIR>          club_application
08/24/2011  07:45 PM    <DIR>          SanDiskSecureAccess
01/10/2012  08:12 AM    <DIR>          My Vaults