Password doesn't secure files

Having saved SandiskSecureAccess, registered and created password and dragged files into “my Vault” I find that I can still open these files without being asked for the password by clicking - My Vault -Files   What have I missed? 


Are you executing the SecureAccess app when you add files to it?  If you Safely Eject the flash drive then replug it in are the files still accessible?

A PC restart might be needed here first. Usually, it takes changes to kickin after a restart. 

Having set up the ‘secure access’ with a password, I dragged the folders containing the files to the ‘My Vault’ icon as instructed.  By registering with the password I can now see a list of the files now in ‘My Vault’ but it’s just a list and there seems no means to open any of them.  If after opening the flash drive and  ignoring the ‘secure access’  icon I  click on the icons  ‘My Vaults’ > ‘My Vault’ > ‘Files’ > next are the two folder icons which contain the files. Clicking on the folder icons displays icons for all the files therein which can be opened at will!  Where is the security in that?  No request to enter the password!  Ejecting the drive and turning off the computer has no effect, same thing next time.

Oddly enough I cannot revisit during the same session the list in ‘My Vault’.  Clicking again on the ‘secureaccess’ icon reminds me that Sandisk Secureaccess is already open and to click on the Sandisk SecureAccess window icon.  But I see none, the only ‘secure access’ icon  visible is the .exe file. 

I feel I must have totally misunderstood the way you set this thing up.


dragged files into "my Vault”"

You did this using Windows Explorer I suspect.  And that is fine but that doesn’t encrypt the files, thus no password required.  And for files that don’t need encryption it is an excellent way to move files to/from the drive.

However to place a file in the secure folder securely you need to do one of the 4 Ways that show in the SecureAccess Window.  This window opens when you execute RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win.exe.

> Drag and drop files onto main screen    (screen not folder)

> Copy and paste files onto man screen     (screen not folder)

> Drag and drop files into vault icon on desktop    (icon on desktop not folder on the flash drive)

> Click “Add files” button to browse and add files     (button on the SecureAccess window)