Files not encrypted - SecureAccess 3

I’ve set up SecureAccess and moved files into the vault on a flash drive (Ultra Flair 128GB). However, I can access the files without a password when I use the drive on another device.

are you just copying the files into the vault folder? if so this does not encrypt the files. you have to open the secureaccess application and copy the files into the application. 

I was using the application, dragging the files in according to the instructions.

then to access the files you would have to open the application and enter the password. otherwise you cannot get to the files.  

I opened the application and dragged them inton the vault. However, I can open them all without opening the vault or using a password.

you may want to contact sandisk support directly it seems you are doing something incorrectly. if the files were added to the vault application they will not be accessible unless you open the application and enter the password. 

“I opened the application and dragged them inton the vault.”

Just to be clear. into the vault folder or into the vault app?

In the app.

There is a fundamental flaw with Sandisk’s SecureAccess software (at least in my experience) that has left me scratching my head.  While the software is useful for encrypting standalone files, it is unable to function as a virtual drive or virtual container.  Perhaps I’m not doing something right, but I have been unable to run exe files and launch programs from within the SecureAccess encrypted container without decrypting associated files first.  Open-source programs like VeryCrypt (which was my ultimate choice) will allow the user to either encrypt the entire drive or create an encrypted partition that can be mounted as a virtual drive in which programs can be launched and run.  The Sandisk software appears to only function in regard to encrypted storage, which is fine if that’s what the user is looking for.  I prefer the virtual-device option because it allows me to mount the encrypted container with a single login and just run everything from there.  When I’m done I can just dismount said container and everything stays encrypted. 

It would be nice to see Sandisk offer an option to lock and unlock the entire flash drive with each use, similar to the Drive Locker software available for Western Digital portable hard drives.  I might reconsider if such an option was available, but for now VeraCrypt is the most viable option I can find.